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Mentor of Pragmatic Managers
People know me as the “Pragmatic Manager.” I provide frank advice–often with a little humor–for your tough problems. I suggest you think about your context first, because your circumstances are unique.
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Lyssa Adkins

Coach of Coaches
Since 2004, I have taught Scrum and Agile Coaching to well over a thousand students, coached many agile teams, and served as master coach to scores of apprentice coaches.
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Michael James

Guy Who Simplifies Your Organization
I help businesses learn to develop software effectively, without the usual pain and anxiety. I train you and your employees through fun group activities (and little or no PowerPoint), then facilitate small and large group discussions to resolve organizational impediments.
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Miguel Gonzalez Marcos

Lawyer and policy expert
Lawyer with over 20 years of experience conducting research projects and providing counsel to corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and individuals in regulatory and international transactional matters.
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Lead Consultant & Project Management Expert
20+ years of experience in scale project management, process improvement, business intelligence etc. with solid background in global technology firms including AT&T, Lucent (Nokia), TD etc. Consulting businesses cover industries including telecommunications, finance and healthcare.
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Professor of Engineering, Innovation Policy Expert
Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, Professor and researcher (energy systems), leading expert in innovation and innovation policy, author of “The Anatomy of Innovation- what makes innovation succeed in the 21st century”.
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Global Director of Sales at Fluxion
Doctor of Bioscience, MBA, leading marketing expert in biotechnology.

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