Johanna’s new practical PO workshops

If you are working as a Product Manager or Product Owner or Business Analyst,  is there anything puzzling you ?

  • You are having trouble doing everything in your PO role, you might be trying to do too much. See Product Manager, Product Owner, Business Analyst?
  • You are having trouble deciding how to organize your backlog, roadmap, and everything.
  • How to value the items you do organize. We discuss Cost of Delay and seven other possibilities to rank the items.
  • How to help people articulate the problems they want the team to solve, not the solutions.
  • And much, much more.

Johanna hosts new workshops for POs. The workshops are 6 weeks long with 3 meetings of teaching and coaching calls. Homework is also expected. These workshops are great opportunities to learn while get your practical questions and challenges solved with leading expert’s coaching and mentoring in the area.

Contact Johanna directly to get registered and start your learning! The latest session will start from Aug.  23, 2016.


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